Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bye Hugo :(

After a dinner at Grundtvigs Hus and a group trip to the train station, Mr. Hugo Pilon-Larose is on his way back to Canada.

I know he's one of the few people I know I will see again FOR SURE, but all these goodbyes are creating wierd and unsettling vibes in Arhus-ian air...

Oh, blah.

Hugo - I've told you this story before.

When Rikke first e-mailed us the housing lists and I read all the people who would soon be my classmates, I looked at your name and was like, "Yo. Him and I will be friends." From that day until I left for Denmark, my friends and I always joked about all the partying I would be doing with "Hugo."

Man. This semester we did that and so much MORE!!!

So many dinners - including a "Poor Man's Pudding" baking success - a piano jam, an Oslo adventure, a spring break on Italian look-outs, Spanish steps, and Barca beaches, life chats (especially the one on a bench outside a Church in Arhus) and a life-changing experience in Istanbul.

It all started with a stir fry dinner at Emily's, and a decision to go to Turkey to film a documentary that very night...

I can't believe we did it.

And I can't believe it's over!

Thank you for your patience with my Polanski tendencies, for your sense of humour, and for being a big reason why my 5-month adventure in Denmark was thee best ever.

Love you brotha! SEE YOU IN MONTREAL!!!

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