Thursday, May 12, 2011



I'm going to complain about not keeping your blog up to date!
Do something about it! I want to read your stories about turkey
and im dying to see pictures!!!


Dearest Wendy, and others that share her opinion: it is with deepest regret and sincerest apologies that I have been blogspot-inactive for the past 10 days. AH!!! Shame.

Marieke, Hugo and I returned from ISTANBUL last night after running around the city filming our documentary and it has been an absolutely CRAZAY week, to put it into one sentence!
But we are back in Aarhus now, and the busy-Turkish-hoopla-hiatus-HUZZUH has calmed a tad!

THUS I say:


It is I, Kimberly Ivany. Do you remember me??? I was once a 20-year-old Canadian girl in Denmark and now I am a 21-year-old Muslim in a land where it doesn't get dark until 11:00 p.m. at night. the latter is not all true. It gets dark at 9:00 here.

AHA. No no. Contrary to the 500-ish pictures I took on this trip, I have not converted to the Muslim religion. But seriously, what a week of Turkish ZEST!!!! I can honestly say that this past week and a half has been the most amazing time of my entire life. WOAH now. I keep telling myself that that is rather a big statement, but when I stop to think about it, it is in fact entirely TRUE.

I do apologize for not telling you about our adventures as they unfolded. Howeva, as I'm sure my other classmates can attest to, when you're filming a documentary, there is very limited time to do anything else other than film a documentary. Ha!

I don't know how many hours exactly the three of us spent interviewing, traveling, logging clips, networking, and brainstorming this past week in Turkey, but everyday started at 9:00 a.m. and ended at midnight or later. By the time we got home every night, I felt that if I blogged it would read something like this:

"Good eve night to you. We filmed just now, but it wasn't just filming. We ate much of Turkish deilght, but did we capture it? Story good, maybe. At least the there is good weather right, but it was such a human experience to just be today."

Ahem. But actually.

The issue is. I really have a great many stories that I want to share with you!!! And luckily, this week I do believe I will get to.

We've finished the filming segment of this project, but that is just one half done.

Oh yes, tomorrow, the editing process begins full swing. The three of us took shifts today to dump all our footage onto the computer at school (3 memory cards full, which equals 9 hours of clips!!!!) and tomorrow we start to start, shape and finish the structure! We talked to over 30 people last week, either on or off camera, and it's time to tell their story. I hope we do it justice!!!

So, the solution. Since I will literally be living in an editing suite until May 19, I will take what free time I have to share little pieces of Turkey (sans gravy) with you and yours. You know what I'm up to this next week, so now I shall tell you what I've BEEN up to. AH!!!! I'M EXCITED! Are you excited? The world's excited.

BAH. Ok! Boring, necessary, "get caught up with the times" post is now over. Tune in tomorrow for the human-Earth-SOul-SPARKLE stories that will make you go "YES!!!!!!"

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