Monday, January 31, 2011

"Do you have yet lag?"

asks my new friend from Sweden.

Well, I THOUGHT I was adjusting well to this European time zone, but right now jet lag is hitting me pretty hard. I woke up at the good ol' hour of 7:00 this morning, but I just could not fall asleep last night. My brain knows I'm 6 hours ahead of Toronto time, so now it's just a matter of getting my body on this side of the ocean.

...figuratively, of course. Denmark may be part of Shakespeare's domain, but I have not been beheaded since arriving here.

Despite my school daze, I did snap a few photo-graphays today! Allow me to take you through the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

That's me! Wierd.

The lovely Kristine in the main hallway.

The walls are COVERED in pictures and articles.

Exploring the upper hallways.

The very classy cafeteria, also known as the canteen.

...and the food choice is even classier. It's a daily buffet, and they weigh your plate to determine how much you pay.

My main classroom for TV journalism.

The bibliotek. Cool lights!

The radiostationer.

One of the lecture halls. The professor, Asbjorn, pronounced "Azbion," was telling us about the teaching methods at the school. It was really something to sit in a lecture hall with people from about 20 different countries.


One of the many skylights. The building itself is rather exquisite!

...and I forget this girl's name. I think she's from Russia or something.

The day was pretty chilled out. We're just doing orientation stuff this week, so I'm going to relish the fact that I don't have any homework yet.

BUT. Take a gander at this little excerpt about my program:

"The fourth TV assignment at the International TV course is a current affairs story of five minutes produced outside Denmark. This foreign correspondent workshop has been a product of three weeks concentrating on particular objects connected to the practise of travel to a foreign country and report within a short time table."


So, essentially, I'm going to study abroad, WHILE ABROAD! I think that happens around mid-semester, so for our FINAL project, I can only assume we're going to the moon.

I hear the martians don't do interviews though, so that may be a challenge.