Sunday, January 30, 2011


Did you ever play European handball in school? Well it's a big deal over here!! I just watched the "handball" championship game with some of my housemates, and Denmark just LOST to France! HAHA, and I'm actually just as upset as Brit, Martin and Sophie are! I truly feel some Danish pride!

Watching my housemates stand up and yell at the TV just now reminded me of watching the gold medal olympic hockey game in Toronto. Only, if tonight's match was truly the same scenario as that game, Demark would have won. Sadness doth ring throughout the land this eve :(

Yes, there are a million differences between Denmark and Canada, but tonight I found something we have in common: true patriot love, vocal viewings of the game on TV, and...

HA! Coincidence? I. Think. Not.

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