Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vi har landet i Danmark!!!

Greetings from AARHUS!!!!!!!!!!!

After a 8-hourish, perfectly FLAWLESS flight, my Dad and I are livin' it up in the 300,000 personed-ville of Aarhus - (did that make sense?) - and by livin' it up, I mean desperately trying to keep our eyes open in this hotel room just across the street from the train station. Indeed. We left Toronto at 5:30 yesterday, so we've been awake for about 30 hours now, minus the few we slept on the plane and train.

And like any true journalist, the first thing I did at the Copenhagen airport was pick up a paper...I should really brush up on my Danish.


Quirky story: When my Dad and I got to our gate at the airport yesterday...or today...or...MAN, time goes slow when you don't sleep...whenever it was! There was this 20-something-year-old woman lying on the floor in a pink valeur "Hello Kitty" tracksuit, complete with a "Hello Kitty" suitcase with a pink "Hello Kitty" blanket over her head. Soon after, she sat up and started taking pictures of herself with her laptop webcam.

Moment-of-realization story: It finally hit me that I'm GOING TO DENMARK FOR HALF A YEAR TO STUDY ABROAD when I sat down on my seat in the plane. I called my mom and cried for about 3 minutes. Ha! It passed when we took off. In fact, when I turned my iPod on shuffle, the first song that come on was "There Goes The Fear" by Doves.

Inventive story: On the plane, I was beside the window, and therefore pretty much freezing cold the whole time. I was wrapped up in 2 blankets Air Canada provided, but out of no where, one of the flight attendants came and gave me a 2-litre bottle of Dasani, filled with boiling water to keep me warm. AHA! It actually worked so well.

Spontaneous story: Oddly enough, my first thought when I landed at the Copenhagen Airport was, "I WANT TO TRAVEL EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! :D"

Scary story: My. Residence. Is. A. Concentration. Camp. I kid you not, my room is a jail cell, and I am certain I will be woken up at the crack of dawn for drills and my morning meal of potatoe broth and sawdust bread. My Dad and I met up with my mentor this afternoon who drove us to the building, which is rather far from central Aarhus. Inside my room, there is nothing but a bed. A single, crappity bed. No desk, no chair, no nothing. I didn't bring any linens (due to lack of packing space),and since it's Sunday, no stores were open to buy any! So! I am currently sitting in my Dad's hotel. HA! Our plan is to trek to Ikea tomorrow to buy things to make my room more "liveable." I e-mailed the international coordinator at my school to see if there are any openings at any other residences closer to my school. We'll see what happens. AND I'll get a picture of my room tomorrow to show you. Honestly. Those digs be dodgy.

Tasty story: After the room episode, my Dad and I came back to the hotel and ventured through town to look for a place to eat. We ended up at "Kaffe 67" which is a small little bistro with candles and wine bottles literally everywhere! We got there at about 5, but our server told us the chef doesn't start serving until 6. So he brought us menus, and was nice enough to tell us everything listed in English since it was all Danish on the menu. It was SO helpful, as I have NO idea what "Vdar ge Hygle" is! (And I just made that up. But that's legit what everything on the menu looked like!)

My Dad ended up having "Ox Bone Marrow" (he LOVED it, while I...made a bit of a face) and I had goat cheese salad. But for dessert, we both had an assortment of cheeses. But this is no ordinary Cracker Barrel cheddar, people. This is the REAL deal!!! So rich and creamy and FLAVOURFUL! And the waiter carved it right from big wheels of cheese at the front of the restaurant! (Big shout out to SARAH ROBINSON. You would LOVE this!!!!!!)

The waiter, (his names was Hans), also drank wine as he poured US some, and judged how many glasses we drank by leaving the bottle on the table and looking at it when we were finished.

"I don't have a register to punch it in," he said with a shrug.

He also told me he's not a tea drinker, so I got to smell all the teas and pick which one I wanted, AND he didn't know the fish of the day..."Something like cod!" he said.

At the end of the meal, he gave us a bill that he wrote on himself. The whole experience was SO laid back and inviting and friendly!!! People have told me that this is what dining in Europe is like. It's so cool to be able to experience it first hand!!!

Scary story 2.0: My Dad just said, "Ohhhh this is going to be a good sleep..." SOMEONE GET ME SOME EARPLUGS. STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

AHHHHH yes. Time for BED. Finally. Talk to you tomorrow! The adventure for a phone and bus information and other things happens then.

(And also, I'm so tired I feel drunk, and therefore have decided not to re-read what I just wrote and instead go to sleep. I do hope it maketh senseth!)

God Nat!

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  1. I'm still not at the point where I can read a cheese shoutout and not cry a little haha.
    Partially out of jealousy, but mostly cause I miss ya, but so so proud of you!