Saturday, January 22, 2011


Well HELLO there!

So, I am somewhat askew at the moment. I decided this "Travel" layout for my blog may not be the best one. The font is really white and really small and for some reason, I have to have my name above that fabulous quote by Gilda Radner! --->

SO, I tried to change it, but Blogger has become rather confusing since the days of Online Journalism class. I decided to just delete the whole blog and start over by picking a new template. I opted for a black one that seemed it would have big and easy-to-read fonts...but that one ended up being too boring and bland.

SOOOOTHEN, I deleted THAT one and came back to good ol' "Travel" with it's small white font. Claudia and Martha, sadly I lost your "following," and I'm annoyed because I had to re-post my first ever Denmarkian blog post, thus changing the date it was posted. But as Lindsay said,

"Kimberly, it's just a blog. The only thing people care about is reading it!"

And to that I say, HOO HA!

Basically, I apologize for the tedious font situation, but I do hope we can both get past it and just bask in tales of Denmark.


It is I, Kimberly Ivany, coming to you live from the living room floor of our house. BUT. In precisely 5 hours, I will be getting on a plane to go to OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, you read it right. I am embarking on a 5-month journey to Our-House, Denmark...otherwise spelled as "Aarhus." ;)

Am I nervous? Excited?? READY TO DANCE AROUND TO DANISH TUNES? Well. The only anxiety I've felt this morning was over the truly insignificant issue of my blog template. Which has been a lovely and unexpected surprise!!! It's definitely in my nature to get nervous and worried before a new situation, but this morning, I feel peaceful. I still have some last minute things to pack, I have NO idea what my mentor's contact information is when I actually get to Denmark, and I'm not bringing for my residence bed when I was clearly told I was supposed to. (I blame you and your luggage limits, Air Canada.) BUT. Despite these things, plus the many other ends that have been left untied, I am calm.

I'll finish packing when I'm done this post. My mentor will probably have e-mailed me by now with his contact info. And - who knew - Denmark is an established civilization where people sleep in beds. Surely I will be able to buy sheets the second I land in Copenhagen if I so desire! Plus, my Daddio is comin with me to help me get settled! Not that he can speak Danish, but just picturing him trying to pronounce Danish signs when we land makes me happy. (He was also listening to Danish music when I walked in the front door yesterday..."Look! I found a jazzed-up version of the national anthem!!!")

Hard to believe I'll be across the ocean by tomorrow!! Denmark is 6 hours ahead, so it will be 7:30 a.m. their time when I get there. I've never been to Europe, so we'll see how I deal with the jet lag...if the next post is lacking in a pleasant and sensical narrative flow, I apologize in advance!

But right now? 1:17 p.m. Toronto time. With this peaceful state of mind, I'm going to enjoy these last few hours in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada and just let the adventure unfold!

Like Gilda says, life is about not knowing...

Here we GO!

"Have an amazing time out there kimbo. Bring back many tales of Danish adventures! And show big ole Europe some tiny g town lovin'. :)"

"do crazy things. have wild adventures. eat food that makes you sick. swim around like the little fish in the giant ocean."

"Do they have Facebook in Denmark?"
-Danielle Ott


See ya on the flip side!!!! AHHHHHHHHH :D

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