Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pre-Trip Poetry

I'm going to Denmark tomorrow,
I do hope I have a good time,
But before I take flight off to Denmark,
I thought I might bust out a rhyme!

"Why going to Denmark?" you ask me?
a semester abroad has come true!
So for 6 months starting tomorrow,
this is how I'll be talking to you.

I welcome you, reader, to Blogger,
a lovely invention to track,
the events of my Euro adventures,
until June when I doth return back!

I'll be living on campus in Aarhus,
a town filled with students like me,
It is there in the Kingdom of Denmark
that I will be taking TV!

The journalist kind, I must tell you,
the broadcasting kind that you've seen,
I'll be editing, filming and pitching,
and trying to stay quite serene.

Indeed, right now I am nervous,
but EXCITED and ready to fly,
But many a person has told me,
It will pass in the blink of an eye!

"Enjoy every minute," they tell me,
"You're not gonna want to come home!
There's FUN to be had," they assure me,
"You'll find many places to roam!"

"I am READY!" I say to these fellows,
"I can't wait to have much Danish fun,
I'll travel and capture the moments,
through sunflower fields I will run!"

For the time of departure is nearing,
I think I will go do a jig,
But I won't forget YOU on my travels,
remember, Jeg vil forfejle dig!

In 24 hours it's starting!!! :D
emotions of JOY I don't lack!!!
But before I head off to the airport...
I guess I had better go pack.

To the suitcase upstairs I am going,
but tune in tomorrow to view,
one last post from the village of Georgetown,

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  1. ...except in hindsight, "jig" would work much better as "jive"

    ha ;)