Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Arhus awakens

Party people in the place to be,
you are now in the midst of a real MC,
throw yo' hands in the air if you as real as me

Hey there!

So I've been feeling rather sick the past couple of days, BUT. At this moment, my throat isn't screaming at me too loudly :D It's amazing how much we take health for granted. As soon as you feel better after feeling lousy, it's like the world is just a big bundle of chocolate cake joy.

Plus! With the help of Thorsten, I just finished my danish homework in preparation for class at 4:30. The Module 1 exam is coming up in a couple of weeks, which is oddly causing me a unnecessary amount of stress. If I don't pass, there is essentially nothing at stake, but I think my Type A personality is talking to my subconscious...which makes this fact an impossible one to accept.

However! Sometimes I surprise myself at the amount of Dansk I actually know! For example, I totally knew the blank for "Det ___ jeg ikke" just now. AND! I successfully said the number 1679 correctly when I read it out loud to Thorsten. FANTASTISK I say!

It is with this sore throat-less, Danish zest that I am writing to you from inside an empty TV classroom at about noon time, because everyone is chillen OUTSIDE in the LOVELY spring weather!!! AH! Yes. I just crawled back through the classroom window to express my current, state of happiness and to show you some pictures of Arhus, post-spring break!

The city definitely woke up since I was gone!!! When I got back home to Skjoldhoj on Saturday, it was like I was living in a whole different country. There are now FLOWER blossoms on all the trees, and there is so much colour everywhere! It actually looks pleasantly homey now...the concentration camp vibe totally disappeared with winter!

I also took a day trip to the beaches on Sunday! A detour through the forest lead me to a rock by the sea, where I sat and listened to the Snowblink album on my iPod about 3 times through. It was so nice just be still and breath in blue sky after a week of walking through Spanish streets!

And on Friday, we shall have a barbeque in honour of Kristin and mine's birthday! :)

Gotta love bein' TWENTY...3 days left until I turn the ripe ol' age of 21. Crazay!

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