Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm coming home 2 months early.

.................................APRIL FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS. It would have been more fun to put saran wrap on your toilet seat, but my location on this April 1st would just not allow that.

INDEED, 'tis the first of april, 2011, which means in precisely 29 days...I will be TWENTY-ONE years of age. WOAH. I'm rather excited, as Kristin's birthday is 5 days before mine and we are planning on having a big bash on the beach.

This day of magic is still about a month away, but this afternoon, I received my first birthday present: a chunk of benjamin's in ma bank account from dear old Mom and Dad. HA!

It was actualy so comical. We were sitting on skype when my Dad informed me of this gift-giving event. I can't remember how I responded exactly when he said he and my mom had already given me my present, but it was probably something like, "How much?"

I proceeded to logging into my bank account on EasyWeb as they sang Happy Birthday to me. HAHAHA! I don't think I ever have opended a present virtually before.

So THANK YOU mother and father for giving me some mula in honour of my fødselsdag - (that's birthday, Danish style.)

The thing is, however, I have decided that after I turn 21 at the end of this month, I shall age no more.
Indeed, being young is too grand a time, so I respectfully refuse the process of getting one year older after that date. And since it will be the last time I will get to blow out some birthday candles, I am happy to report that I am accepting copious amounts of presents in the form of cash donations. Your participation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

....okay fine, APRIL FOOOOOOOLS :D

(But not really. Mr. Paul Ivany will provide you will the necessary bank information to make your donation. Receipts will be available upon request.)

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