Sunday, April 24, 2011

Master of De Skies

Wake up in 'celona,
Have breakfast in Madrid,
fly to Copen-hagen,
but that's not all I did.

Take the train to Aarhus,
take the bus to Brabrand Nord,
climb the stairs in Skjoldhoj -
my own bed. Thank de LAWD!

AHOY, says I, I've MADE it!!
I'm home from my big trip,
of cobble-stoned italia,
with gelato chocolate-dipped.

A trip of Roman LOVIN',
with wishes at a fount,
of hidden alley hostels,
and views from on a mount.

Of Barcelona beaches,
with drinks upon the sand,
the camera will just tell you
that I've hopped across the land.

Indeed, it's been a journey
SO magically profound,
but I must admit it's lovely,
to be back on Danish ground.

Many places we have ventured,
the things we've seen, so vast,
and now back here in Skjholdhoj,
it's time for rest at last.

I've conquered spring vacation,
I found all of my planes,
I walked from here to China,
I saw the land by trains.

And yet, there's so much MORE to see -
that vastness doesn't lack -
But Italy is staying,
and I think I shall come back.

I shall return one summer,
for more Italian sights,
to find my field of flowers,
and to bask in Roman lights.

Perhaps my sister Lindsay
will come with me one day,
and Jillian will join us,
a family affair, I say!

But bed, for now, I'm headed,
I have bags un-der my eyes,
I'm off to sleep forever,
and to dream of Spanish skies.