Thursday, April 14, 2011

From Denmark to Perugia, and the beauty that is Italy

TELL ME that this is not THEE most beautiful thing you've ever seen:

NO NO, this is not a painting. This is a snapshot taken by Kimberly Ivany overlooking the edge of an italian landscape of genuine splendour. AH! YES!

After an approximate 20-hour day of non-stop travel, I have landed in Perugia, Italy. And may I say, they are probably up there as one of the most adventurous 20 hours of my life.

I am currently laying on a comfy bed inside my hostel - WOO - but getting here would make a rather interesting short film, I do say!

Unfortunately, dear reader o' mine, due to lack of sleep and a sore back from lugging a lap top in a backpack from Denmark to Italy, I feel as if I won't be doing this short film much justice this eve. This bed is lulling me to sleep as we speak. So! I will save the truly golden stories for tomorrow, the first being my journey to find the farmhouse hostel...I can't believe I managed to find this place. There are donkeys outside the front door. HA! Love it.

OK, so for now, a small run-down of the epic travels of April 14th.

The journey to the land of bella donnas began at 11:00 p.m. last night. As I said, I departed the Arhus train station and got to the Copenhagen airport at around 3:00. I have never seen an airport so dead before. It was like a movie set waiting for it's actors or something. It wasn't until about 5 a.m. that I finally felt the normal vibe of an airport.

Train ride to Copes: Check. Next leg of the trip: fly to Berlin.

Today was the first day I have ever flown anywhere by myself! I was rather nervous the day before, but oddly enough, I never experienced a single second of panic today. I just checked in and found my gates and located my connections like I owned the place. And all with a spring in my step and a song in my heart. HAHA! (That last part just seemed necessary.)

I was definitely asleep for the full hour it took to get to Berlin, but the flight attendants were lovely people. They gave everyone free chocolate when we landed.

After landing in Germany at about 8 a.m., I searched for my connecting flight to ROMA.

Next step: Board plane, fly, sleep, eat a complimentary cheese sandwhich, land - but not before gazing out the window and seeing ITALIA!

I think it was at this point that it really hit me that I was traveling to Italy. HA! Is that not madness? After talking about it in Toronto for so long, I was actually on a plane GOING there! It's not a movie, or a picture on a calender. I was going to see it for myself.

Ok so land in Rome. Next step: take a 3-hour train to Perugia.

Unfortunately however, just like the flights, this was no where near a direct route. I had to transfer trains 2 different times, BUT, the view out the train window was incredible:

Plus, I met a guy who looks like the italian version of my cousin Joel. He showed me the book he was reading called "Italian Street Art" and we taught each other tongue twisters in our own languages :)

I finally arrived at my final destination at 5:00 p.m.

Hugo and I had planned to meet downtown when I arrived. After having a very interesting conversation with a bus ticket lady who didn't understand english, I managed to hop on the right bus to the top of the mountain...a.k.a "down"town...and the two of us ventured around the city before I caught the last bus to the farmhouse hostel at 8.

AH!!!! I LOVE ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I've only thing a small part of it!

It was raining when I got here, but I do think tomorrow is supposed to be better - at least Saturday for sure. Major explorations around the city tomorrow, perhaps a train ride to Assisi on Saturday? Then it's off to ROME on Sunday.

Short words. Incomplete thoughts. But the wireless internet doth flow tomorrow too. I'll talk to you then. I'll have tried the pizza by that time ;)

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