Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Oslo to Aarhus

After a 7 hour journey from a bus, to a plane, to a bus, the international TV students are out of Norway back in the D-Twizzle (a.k.a Denmark).

Despite the ridikalus food prices that broke everyone's wallets, I completely enjoyed myself this week. Yes!!!

I took pictures of a sunset, I laughed at one point until tears started streaming down my face, and saw my cousin!!! (Full details about that and my opera adventure tomorrow!) It feels like we've been gone a solid month! And at the moment, I'm ready for a long sleep that will not be disturbed by a morning alarm.

But first, a snack...

I was welcomed home tonight by a very large package lying on the table in the common room from my grandparents!!! To my great surprise, it was filled with St. Patty's Day paraphernalia, little chocolate bunnies, another box of Kraft Dinner...AND ONE BOX OF TRISCUITS!!! I'm having a rosemary and olive oil crunch party at the moment! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa :)

But yes. Sleep. Soon. Very soon.

Holla at me. I love Oslo.


Transcribing some interviews on the second floor - the place which we dubbed our own hang out spot for the week.

Funny note about Parliament...we got a tour of the building this morning and the guide informed us that the members have Pizza Day Fridays and go on skiing trips together. European politics do sound more fun.

This is Dave Fanner, reporting from Oslo, Norway.

And this is Kimberly Ivany, re-visiting her viking roots on Karl Johans Gate.
Of course.


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  2. it sounds to me like you had an amazing time and i don't think that you would mind going back anytime soon. I just wish that i was in europe right now on my exchange