Saturday, March 5, 2011

European (re)Union


First off, sorry for this week of silence!!

Justina and I FINALLY finished our second TV assignment yesterday. Honestly, since Monday, it's been me, her and a video camera, galavanting around Arhus filming a story about organic food in Denmark.

But now, I am free - and in COPENHAGEN!!!!

I am currently on a massive Mac computer in the lobby of a hoppin' hostel, and I'm with SARA and TAYLOR from CANADA. WOO!

My fellow Ryersonians are studying this semester in the Netherlands. So naturally, we decided to have an epic weekend together in Denmark.

But for now, I must dash! There's a line-up for this thang.

I'll say hi to the little mermaid for you tomorrow ;)

Goodnight, from all of us.

Taylor says: Wassup wassuuuup?

Sara says: Hi. And - wassup wassup wassuuuuup, just to beat Taylor.

I say: Live free and prosper.

Word. UP.

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