Monday, March 7, 2011


And so, the Toronto reunion has come to an end, and I'm back in the stylish digs of Skjoldhoj Kollegiet.

I returned from Denmark's capital at about 10:40 tonight, which marked my 3rd time training into the city of Aarhus. I've only lived here a month and a bit, but it's amazing how much at home I felt when I stepped out of the Aarhus train station and into the city centre, on my way to Bus 15...

Such a strange and comforting sensation! I love it!!!

I do have 87 stories to tell you, which include a mermaid, a frenchman, and a classy train ride home. But first, sleep, and hopefully more than 5 hours of it. So stay tuned for those, and for some more pitchas!

Thanks Sara and Taylor for a fab old-fashioned T.O weekend, Danish style!

The city from the top of the Round Tower

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