Monday, February 28, 2011



Jeg hedder Kimberly. Jeg kommer fra Canada. Jeg tale engelsk.

Hvad med dig?

Dansk lessons started this eve and we all learned how to say "My name is," "I come from," and "I speak," amoung other little phrases like, "And yourself?" WAHOOOOOO I'm practically fluent.

It was kind of a blast from the past sitting there on a wooden chair behind desks set up in a square...(HAHA, that all rhymed)...yes...It was wierd sitting there in a classroom with maps on the walls listening to a teacher repeat syllables multiple times in a row. I felt like I was 2 years old again learning how to speak english, especially considering the absolutely brutal job I was doing at pronouncing Danish "d's."

They're actually silent, so the "hedder" you just read above is pronounced something like, "hilla." The teacher spent a good 5 minutes on that letter alone....just picture 21 adults sitting all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with their tongues hanging out of our mouths as if they were frozen from surgery or something, trying to pronounce "hllllll". HA!

I also now own a Danish grammar CD and 4 gramar and exercise books.

My next task is to complete Lesson 1 in 2 of the books for Wednesday. And practise the Danish pronounciation of the alphabet.

Don't you be fooled brotha. It may sound a bit dry, but I'm actually rather excited about it all! I'm LEARNING a new language! I'm whippin' out consonants and vowels in a whole new way like I own the place! Sure, today was "My name is Kimberly." But by June, I'm sure my Danish novel will be huge in Canadian bookstores.

This day also brings some sad news however...

My triscuits have run out.

Thus ends the stash of Canadian snacks :(

But there's still 2 boxes of Kraft Dinner in my cupboard. Thanks Beth Laidlaw for mailing me one!!! :)

Godt nacht.

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