Friday, February 11, 2011

You've got mail

When I got home today, finally inside and away from the blizzardy cold Danish outdoors, I discovered a letter on the common room table addressed to Kimberly Ivany. It wasn't a Facebook inbox message or a post on my virtual wall, but this little envelope with familiar writing on it made me more excited than a red notification flag.

Thanks Auntie Cathie for my first mailed item from home :D

And I would love some more!

If you ever have a spare moment and an extra stamp, feel free to send me some hand-written lovin'! (Or Kraft Dinner. I need something to take to the international dinner next week.)

Kimberly Ivany
Skjoldhoj Kollegiet
Spobjergvej 15, Room 7
8220 Brabrand
Aarhus, Denmark

That would be pronounced "skyold-hoy collegiate" and "spob-jer-vie." HAHA!

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  1. ALSO!!! Turns out I didn't dig deep enough in the mail pile!

    Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for my Valentine's card :) I love you!