Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey y'all (as Lauren from Tennesse would say),

It's freezing in Aarhus and for the first time on my cross-continent escapade, I'm feeling under the weather.

In fact, I feel very much like the lumpy chocolate soy milk I discovered in my fridge today. You could say I'm like a sloth in 45 degree heat, or even a red blob in a lava lamp. I could also be a disoriented goldfish. Or perhaps a cactus.

To combat this prickly situation, I've poured a massive mug of tea, bought some Halls, and I'm currently sucking on a zinc lozenge.

But I must tell you. I feel like I've cheated you out of a big Danish event...

Unfortunately, due to this droopy state, mixed with a editing session at school and a pancake dinner complete with maple syrup yestereve, I was unable to finish a blogspot of epic proportions yesterday. It's a post that promises to be a mixture of action, suspense, and climactic explosions, but sadly, when I post it later this week it will be dated. Poo. I really want to finish it with the same vim and vigour I started it with however, so stay tuned!! (Also, I do beleive that's the first time I've used "vim and vigour" in my life.)

In the meantime, here are some current tidbits of Kimber in Daneland:

  • My nails are currently purple
  • My friend Ahmed is coming back to Aarhus from Egypt this week
  • I have to send an updated resume to Ryerson to start applying for my 4th year internship
  • We discovered the Skoldhoj music room tonight and played the grand piano!
  • I'm editing an economics paper that was translated from Slovak to English
  • Denmark doesn't carry canned soup, but they do sell it in bags like hamburger helpersI paid for my 20 kr lunch with a 1000 kr bill
  • An orchestral group called "The Baguette Quartette" just started playing on my iTunes,
  • It SNOWED yesterday, and I was colder than Zach, who had never seen snow before in his life. How's that for Canadian eh?
  • It's Valentine's Day on this continent too. Go tell someone you love 'em :)

Healthy thoughts, HEALTHY THOUGHTS.

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