Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday morning

Play first, in a new tab.


My room feels warm.

my eyeslids peel open,
to a radiant hue,
out the window beside me.
The most significant blue
this country has seen
since I've been

I push back the curtain within reach of my bed,
just a crack,
cuz I want to go back
to sleep
and finish my dream.
And it seems that I will
because past this window sill
is the sun.
Crackling through bare branches,
casting perfect shadows
before landing onto my blankets and face.

This place
is my own,
and beautifully serene,
and my dream
takes off again.

I doze in Danish light.


  1. Is this the same skjoldhoj of caretaker Ernst fame??!! How is this possible??!! Thank you, god.

  2. Thank you GOD. And thank you Ernst. You never did offered us a hammer, but your Danish zest is too much not to love.