Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hoppin off at Hauptbahnhof


After a 6 hour train ride from Aarhus, to Hamburg, to Berlin, followed by a chilly walk into the city centre with a printed Google map as our guide, Lauren, Marieke and I MADE it to our hostel. Country-trot-hoppity hop YES!

I haven't stayed in a hostel since my trip to New York City 3 years ago. That one was a bit on the sketchy side, so I wasn't sure what to expect this time...

But after getting breakfast for free from Bernie, the desk man, (who greeted us in Spanish), followed by free bread and Dr. Seuss-like paintings on the walls, I give "Heart of Gold Hostel" 5 stars. Hands down.

(Although, we're only here for one night. HA! Lauren's dad got us a sweet deal on a Holiday Inn Express so we're heading there tomorrow morning!)

We're currently planning tomorrow's adventures in the lounge (pictured above) but just WALKING through the city for that 10 minutes from the station to the hostel has left me ridiculously excited for this weekend!!!

We're actually fitting in a week's worth of touring in 3 days. It will happen I tell you, starting with the Holocaust museum and Checkpoint Charlie tomorrow morning.

ah HA!!! Can we just bottle this up for a second?

I'm in Germany. In a hostel. Planning a 3-day tour of the city. My parents are across the ocean, I'm surrounded by a symphony of languages right now, and people are swaggering to R&B music by the palm trees in the corner of the room.


Leonard, I took Manhattan. Now I'm taking Berlin.

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