Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Slovak lesson 2

"Do-bray-vetchair! Vo-lam sa Kimberly. Shtooduiem journalistico a atzela be somme ca statz dobro re-port-er-co."


Slot that into a Google translator, and that will read:

Good evening! My name is Kimberly. I am studying journalism and I hope to be a good reporter.

...but really, I'm lying. Not about the meaning of those slovakian words - (and by no means do I want to be a BAD reporter) - but I can tell you 110% that Google won't have a clue what those letters mean.

Marieke and I had a slovak lesson from Kristine this evening, but I merely wrote down the words she taught us phonetically. So! When I go to Slovakia in June, I will SOUND slovak, but I still have a ways to go if I ever hope to write Krisitine a postcard in her language.

But really, it's ok. Once I conquer Danish, that will be as easy as pie...or, easy as a danish.

You know how it is.

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