Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Excuse me, but will you take our picture?"

Marieke, Lauren and I in BRRRRRRLIN!!!
It was rather frigid the whole weekend, and we pretty much looked like eskimos the whole time. As beautiful as the city was, I really hope I get the chance to go back again in the summer time. I will be equally lovely, but maybe a bit more vibrant.
And warm enough to wear a flowing german dress :)

The Berliner Dom (or Berlin Cathedral). The architecture all around the city was BREATHTAKING!!!

...and the statues were so life-like!

The Berlin subway system!!!
Toronto has a long way to go if it's underground system ever wants to match this colourful complexity. But truthfully, I think this picture makes Berlin's transit system look way more intimidating than it is. After a couple rides here and there, it was actually pretty easy to follow!
I do thank Toronto for giving me subway smarts that I can carry over to other countries.

On Saturday, we went about 30 km out of Berlin to get a tour of the Sachenhausen concentration camp. It was really something to be there in person and actually SEE history.

And then on Sunday, we explored a couple of flea markets in the North part of the city.
Think you can play this now, Grandpa??

We found a firepit at the flea market, so naturally, I stuck my freezing cold hands as close to the heat as I could. Turned out, I went TOO close and burned my mitts!!!
(They'll look so nice on the shelf beside my burnt leggings. Jeez. I've gotta stop before my whole warbrobe disappears!)

My contribution to the public graffiti wall at East Side Gallery :)

Our last night in the city at the Brandenburg Gate!
(It wasn't so majestic 2 minutes prior to this picture, however. Just steps away from this spot, we passed a guy who was very constipated outside a public washroom. That story was rather pointless to the visual, but I decided to tell you anyway.)

And in keeping with the theme - (AHA) - behold: the classiest name for a train station.
The train ride to Berlin was a slice, but the journey back home took about 10 hours. Blah. Our train got delayed in Hamburg, then we had to switch trains twice en route back to Aarhus. This is one of the stations we had to transfer at. I couldn't not take a picture!

The lovely surprise that greeted me when I got home :) Thanks mom for the bounce sheets and movies!!!


Next travel adventure, you ask?!

Copenhagen next weekend to meet up with Sara and Taylor from Toronto!!! (They're currentely studying abroad in the Netherlands.) And then it's to OSLO for our third assignment!!!

Somebody get me a horse, cuz I'm just trottin' all OVA this globe!

...HAHA! I just made myself laugh.

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