Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2 a.m. is the best time to write

It's 1:53 in the morning and I am currently sitting in my room listening to Her Morning Elegance while sitting in a polka-dot jumper and heels.

I came back from Marije's not too long ago, and since she's leaving tomorrow, she gave me a box of presents which included this fabulous clothing item of summery fun! It just seemed appropriate to try it on with the right shoes, so here I am, all dressed up with no place to go...except blogspot.com.

I realize I've been a tad silent this past week, but at this moment, I feel inspired to write! Cool thing.

It's not at ALL as if nothing blog-worthy had happened since my last post. The week started with a trip to Legoland, followed by consecutive days on the beach! The weather has been SO lovely this past week, so my freckles have sprouted. It's the summer, I tell you!

What's also lovely is that Christina so generously left me her bike when she went back to the States, so I've been biking around the city like I own it. OH yes! It's really so freeing to have a bike! I rather regret not investing in one before now, cuz when you have a great song playing on your ipod with the wind in your hair it's truly the most glorious thing.

A view of downtown, from ma bike :)

Legoland started a week of no-school Arhus hoppities!

Risskov Beach - a daily destination when it's sunny. It's very long, but not very wide, so at peak time you can become quite cozy with other beach-goers.
But there's something special about this spot that makes you want to stay there forever.

Canada, Australia, Sweden on a beach in Denmark. Yes.

Robin and I made thee most delicious dinner of cheesy-lentil-avacado-tomato-lovin'. YUMMAY!

Soccer at Skjoldhoj has become a favourite past time!
And as you can see, I am the best player. Obviously.

"The Last Night" - but really, every night has become the last night, since each time it's with one less person. Ha! I do love the fact though that I can still say "See you tomorrow" - we're not all gone yet!

...and these "last nights" keep us out until about 3:30 in the morning. But you wouldn't be able to tell - this is a picture of the sun RISING at that time!!!!!! Forget Canada, Scandinavia is the True North!

But you see, I am a bit delayed in showing and telling you these things because my mood lately, resulting from my thoughts, as consequence of the inevitable life path that we're heading down, has been an intricate mess of weighty emotions that have made it hard to gather the motivation to blog, and the ease of which to do it.

Since school ended last Friday, there has been basically one goodbye a day. It's been emotionally exHAUSting and incredibly eye-opening, as in, YES, there is an ending to this adventure.

From a class of 19, we're down to 9 people still kickin' in Aarhus. It's been so wierd watching the group get smaller and smaller around Marije's picnic table as the days go on. I knew that The End would come, but it seriously snuck up on me. I think you can even tell by my posts!! One day, I'm talking about the wonder that is Turkey, and the next, I'm typing in a state of depression. HA! How did this happen?

All of a sudden, Marieke is back in Belgium. Out of no where, it's time to take my suitcases off the top shelf of my closet and FILL them. In exactly 2 weeks, I will be back in Canada...

That is thee most unfathomable statement of 2011. HA! I honestly woke up this morning in an anxious panic at the thought. I just lay there, looked around my room, and was like, "Man."

I remember putting up pictures of home on my wall on my very first night in Skjoldhoj - soon I'll be taking them down.

It's wierd how an empty wall can stir up so much emotion. A bare wall is silent...innocent...yet its presence just yells at you, confirming that another chapter has ended and the comfort that you have found in a certain lifestyle is about to change...

But at the end of a chapter comes a new one, and I know that back in Toronto, I'll be putting my pictures back up! Only that time, the wall will be covered not with Toronto, but with Denmark.

With Turkey.

With Norway and Germany.

With Slovakia, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Holland, Kenya, and Portugal!




5 months ago, I was sitting in a kitchen in Georgetown telling myself that the FUTURE me - the Kimberly in June - would be jealous of the Kimberly in January, who had yet to dive into the world on a semester exchange...

And it's all so beautifully overwhelming.

This week, I gotta start the packing thang, but there are still a couple of partays in the next couple of days, as well as ice cream shindigs by the canal before SLOVAKIA on Saturday!!!

But tomorrow, it's goodbye to Marije at 8:30 in the morning.

I think it's time I take off these heels and go to sleep. The sun is about to rise, afterall!

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