Thursday, June 30, 2011

The last blueberry, it DID end with a poem, but apparently there's one more blueberry danish in this bakery.


Such as this little tidbit: I've really become quite the pro at packing.

I leave for Vancouver in about 12 hours, and after starting a mere 20 minutes ago, this big fat Roots suitcase is full to the brim with Slovakian t-shirts and funky-smelling organic shampoo. HOO HA.

Oh yes, after a 5-month excursion overseas filled with many a weekend trip to European destinations, it's amazing how relaxed I've been while preparing for this summer tour...pssh, if you can actually even call it preparing! I remember last year being SO stressed and anxious weeks before our departure date. I spent hours deciding what to pack and what not to pack and I worried about all the logistics of the whole cross-canada expedition, wondering if myself and the team could actually accomplish such a feat.

Well, we DID, and I think it was last year's success mixed with my globe-trotting shenanigans that have lead me this year to be to be like, "Yo. I'll pack a few t-shirts and sell chicken like I own the place. Word."

Amoung many, MANY other things, Denmark has inspired in me the desire to just go with the flow and let dem chips fall where they may. (I'd thank to especially thank a Perugian farmhouse for helping me achieve this ;) )

So, Vancouver in the morn, Kimberly, chillin' like a multi-coloured popsicle.

However! The main reason for this last taste blueberry is to tell you about another upcming adventure.

If you refer to this post I wrote in the April days of yore, I was just starting the application phase for my internship. I'm going into my 4th and FINAL year at Ryerson this fall, and an internship is actually part of my semester, so I get credit for it while getting some valuble face time with the real world of journalism.

After some stressful moments and a mini-quarter-life crisis, I ended up applying to CBC Toronto.


From October 27 to December 2 of this year, I will be interning at CBC in Toronto with a program called the fifth estate!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually found out while I was in Slovakia, but now that I'm home, and in a way, more back in "real life" mode, it's starting to feel more real - and ridiculously RAD. I'm really realizing now what an AWESOME opportunity this is, and when I envision the experience that's awaiting me I quite literally squeal out loud. (Pfft, I know, so not characteristic of me.)

So that's where I am, on this day, Tuesday, June 28th, 2011. Denmark done, Canada's coming, and soon, a rendevous at CEE BEE CEE!

The best 5 months of my life have indeed come to an end, and everytime a picture from Arhus flashes across my computer screen's slideshow, I let a painful, dramatic gasp that would fit well in a film noir. I've definitely missed Denmark since being home, and STILL miss it, even after having time back in "real life." But I think I'm slowly starting to be able to look at it objectively and realize that I can't let myself get completely stuck in Danish memories and be SAD about them!

The beautiful thing is that I don't have to be sad, dammit! Just look it! I will always have Arhus. It happened, and I have endless pictures and even more endless memories to prove it :) What I can do is be happy for what I've experienced, and take what I've gained from it into the next phase of this crazy, uncanny, and altogether mind-boggling concept call life.

The "adventures" - those grand opportunities for more whimsical moments composed of delicious human experience - don't ever stop. They just change. There are MORE things to see and experience, even after a grand experience like a semester abroad, and with that, many more chances to learn more about ourselves and develop cool, new, life-changing perspectives on things! I don't ever want to deprive myself of an opportunity as magical as THAT :)

THUSLY. As Captain Jack Sparrow once said,


AHA. Yes, he did say that. And I'm sure all the Danes did rejoice. But he also said:

Bring me that horizon.

Word up, Jack. We got some treasure in the chest, but who says there ain't more to discover?! The adventure continues!

Kimberly Ivany, Arhus, Denmark.

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  1. Kim this post is amazing. Denmark has made me so much more chill too. It's like.. why did I freak out about such little logistical things before? Throw some clothes (and who cares what, because no one cares what anyone else is wearing) into a bag and go! That's totally my attitude too. Im glad that you're getting to be more happy in Canada. Work helps. (Routine is key). Congrats on the Fifth Estate. That is phenomenal. I am so excited for you Kimmy Kim. Xo