Monday, June 27, 2011

It ended with a poem

An ending log,
of Danish blog,
is on your ‘puter screens,
It’s time to try,
to tell you guys,
the sum of Danish dreams.

A packed up case,
a parting place,
outside the airport entrance,
5 months ahead,
and so I said,
goodbye in one last sentence.

Hours pass,
we’re there at last,
Dad and I in Europe,
hotel for home,
some marrow bone,
and duck meat with some syrup.

A culture shock,
in Canadian socks,
how do I speak Dane?
Perhaps I’ll learn,
for home, I yearn,
‘cause now Dad’s on the train.

Time to be,
brave Kimber-lee,
on your own out here,
the land of cheese,
of “Tak,” not please,
of local Tuborg beer.

The first ride back,
to my own shack,
“Skjoldhoj,” as they call it,
Ikea runs,
to make it fun,
Kroners in my wallet.

I don’t have yet,
so sleep-over at Em’s,
but soon I’ll meet,
a lovely treat,
of inter-nation gems.

Outside the shop,
we party hop,
to Shan’s we go for dinner,
we share some wine,
we talk and dine,
Denmark – you’re a winner.

Hello to school,
you do look cool,
I love your chocolate “kage,”
TV group,
let’s say “WOOP WOOP,”
“Do you have yet-lag?”

First Friday bar,
we dance bizarre,
together at Bodagz,
international night,
of skits alright,
and funny British gags.

Pub crawl walk,
a lovely talk,
with lots of apple “kool aid,”
student hus,
you silly goose,
“Come shall ten well blaude blade?”

Assignment one,
had soon begun,
we filmed some whipped cream cake,
dinner scenes,
in nights between,
Mexican night was GREAT!

Berlin trip,
a joyful skip,
to crash a stranger’s party,
music room,
organic doom,
but Skjoldhoj meals are hearty.

Laundry stints,
no winter mitts,
a trip to Copen-hagen,
Norway glory,
our wallets, they be saggin’.

Opera show,
the harbour glow,
together we went prancing,
second-floor seats,
a cousin meet,
underwater dancing.

Party face,
Justina’s place,
assignment number four,
springtime bliss,
a Swedish kiss,
by Micheal Munk’s front door.

Halfway through,
no time for you,
to stop and save a krona,
spring break is nigh,
it’s time to fly,
to Rome and Barcelona!

Danish class,
we all kicked ass,
with pub quizz-es at Waxie’s,
birthday time,
with cards and wine,
21 at lasties.

1st of May –
so crazy, eh?
We head off to IsTANbul,
AMAZING sights,
of muslim rights,
and pol-i-tic-al handle.

A process long,
of editing songs,
staying up all night,
handing in,
for feedback win,
finishing school off right.

together one last day,
the goodbyes start,
OW – my heart,
can’t we all just stay???

2 more weeks,
of Danish treats,
before the last sha-bang,
good-time trench,
on picnic bench,
together we all sang.

artistic hands,
drawing with some chalk,
life’s a peach,
upon the beach,
and in a sunset walk.

A morning fill,
upon a hill,
af-ter a week of biking,
Marije’s gone,
Christina’s moved on,
goodbye to Thorsten Weitling.

Time doth pass,
but not so fast,
Slovakia is comin’!
will get us there,
but first a stop in London.

The 5 of us,
on train and bus,
we laughed and had a ball,
countryside schmooze,
and homemade booze,
a cracking castle wall.

And then,

That was it.
That ending shit,
that makes your stomach hurt,
a long goodbye,
with tears in eyes,
our bodies shirt to shirt.

Home I jog,
but stopped in Prague,
and saw downtown by night,
I breathed it all,
and tried to stall,
my last connecting flight.

I made it back,
alone I sat,
thinking, “This is dumb.”
I want my friends –
start this again!!!
At least I had my mom.

Pictures down,
I looked around,
how could this be so?
I’m packing up,
my clothes and cup,
to downtown, last I go.

Goodbye canal,
Sherlock, pal,
goodbye to Cafe Tasteless,
man, I love ya,
let’s stay here and be hasteless.

And then we woke,
when morning broke,
the suitcase-es were stuffed,
the Danish vibe,
on taxi ride,
I couldn’t get enough.

I snapped last pics,
before we sit,
inside the train caboos,
with John Mayer’s song,
the wheels rolled on,
goodbye, goodbye Arhus.

So here I write,
I laptop type,
I’m back across the ocean,
I’m overwhelmed,
from base to helm,
with such complex emotion.

I saw so much,
the world and such,
but more important-ly,
I met some guys,
who opened my eyes,
for that, I'm SO happ-EE!

We’ve said goodbye,
and still I cry,
but we met for a reason,
memories rich,
in my mind are stitched,
I’m gonna miss you, Sweden.

So I exclaim,
“OH, what an exchange!”
there are no words to say,
how much I’ve learned,
and now, this bird,
just wants to fly away.

AHOY, says I,
indeed I’ll fly,
to worldly places yet,
this is only the start -
but deep in my heart,
I’m keeping those I’ve met.

Thanks Den-mark,
a rocky start,
ended thee best way,
I’ll be back,
you count on that,





  1. amazing, kim. i love you! :-* and miss you more and more. :´-**


    always yours


  2. Damn, some small tears in my eyes. I miss those times, that we were together. Hanging around on my picnic table.. And I have the feeling that it will never go away. That somehow it will always hurt a little bit.

    I will always miss you! And all the others of course.

    Beautiful writing Kimberly Ivany!


  3. A funny, clever and touching poem Kim - and I love the pics! I hope you're well, miss you.