Friday, June 24, 2011

Johnny from the block

Third day back in Canada, and I just had a massively happy reunion with one of ma best frands JOHN!

This picture was actually taken BEFORE I left for Denmark, but trust me, we're still just as good-looking ;)

I haven't seen many of my friends yet since being back on this side of the ocean, so it was SO lovely to see John tonight and wander empty Georgetown roads and just laugh and be baffled by the fact that we're still here. 11 years after meeting, after middle school, high school, university, his trip to Australia and now my trip to Europe, we're in Georgetown like no time has passed at all...WEIRD.

What was even more lovely though, and so refreshingly comforting, was John's understanding of the indescribable-lifE-changinG-sparKLE-SOUL-STORY that was my semester exchange.

"HOW WAS EUROPE?!" he asked as we hugged in the middle of the street.

"..." (A look of bewilderment. My trending response to this question.)

But he spoke again before I said anything.

"Man, how can you even describe it, eh? Where do you even begin?!"


"Man, EXACTLY!!!!"

And then we walked on and talked about Berlin birthday parties, Mexico adventures, and what it's like to deliver chips at 4:00 in the morning.

Johneh! See you when we're 80.

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