Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Canadian breakfast

...did not include bacon, but a bowl of cheerios and shreddies with blueberries and a sunny day outside.

I woke up in a state of anxiety before that. It was 8 a.m. when I got off my mattress - surrounded by clothes and books and suitcases and STUFF - which meant it was 2 p.m. in Denmark. My first thought was:

"My friends have been awake for hours - I've MISSED something!"

I feel that my brain and body aren't really attached.

Meanwhile, I made tea that was bought in Arhus and now I'm spamming the Facebook pages of my friends across the ocean.

Ha! This could become an issue, maybe. I miss my friends and how it feels to wake up in Denmark and the internet seems the best way to stay close to that...

Pfft. I don't like this.

I want to eat cheese.

I'm also not wanting to turn on my Canadian phone. At all.

I brought it to Arhus, but I didn't unlock my SIM card in Canada before leaving for Denmark, so I had to buy my crappy little Nokia, which I now love with all my heart. (All I want to do is be able to send mad texts to Kristin and Marieke with it, but Danish SIM cards die once they exit the Danish border. So sad.)

I suspended my phone account while I was away, but after calling Bell this morning, I do believe it's back in service. So here it sits beside me, black and silent, longing to be turned on so it can inundate me with non-Danish things.

Um, no thank you.

Moreover, my uncle is here from British Columbia this week and he just asked me when I'm going to know about all the details about my summer job. I'm flying out to Vancouver next wednesday for my job with the Maple Lodge Farms promotions team, but I have NO idea how long I'll be gone, what events we're doing, la la la LA.

"Well," I said lacadazically, "I should probably call them...I could go in today, maybe tomorrow...I'm just resistant to start "real life" again."

"Hm. I see a country western song forming there..."

Dave, throw some chords together. I'll start working on the lyrics.

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