Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Its morning elegance

Dave and I left downtown and headed home on our bikes at 3:30 a.m.

But on the way back to Skjoldhoj, we took a detour.

"Ever been up that hill?" Dave asked a we approached the massive mound of land that we always pass on this route.


"Let's do it."

We walked our bikes up the gravel path, surrounded by grass on the steep surface. It's already light outside, but we have no where to be but our beds. I feel dizzy from gin and exhaustion. My legs are tired from pedaling in the morning hours. I feel excitement as we climb higher.

The birds are awake, telling us to be too.

We make it to the top.

Arhus from the top.

It's ours.


And again.

And again.



Drift -

to sleep.

At 5:13 in the morning.

I caught it -

this last big night in the city.