Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweden calling

I just got a call from Robert, who is with Åsa, Damien, Nicole and Frauke in STOCKHOLM!!! Dinner time here, party time there, and we all yelled "I MISS YOU" across the ocean through a cell phone.

That is a CRAZAY thought in itself!!! But what it more crazy is the mind-boggling-ness that is life and time zones.

At the exact same time as I sit here eating a chicken burger in an empty kitchen on a rainy evening in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada, 5 of my friends I met in Arhus are at a bar together in Stockholm, Sweden, Europe. CAN I PLEASE JUST TELEPORT THERE RIGHT NOW AH.

In other news. Jet-lag doth rage.

I didn't think it would affect me, as I stayed up until midnight and felt like a million bucks (awake-wise, that is) on my first night back. But no no. Last night I crashed at around 10 p.m., slept for 12 hours, and still, at 7 p.m. I feel like I've been hit by a train.

In other, OTHER news, I drove through Georgetown for the first time yesterday with Lindsay and I'm happy to report that I have not forgotten how to do it.

Not much has changed in this town (obviously)...some buildings have been torn down, some others have been re-built or finally finished being built, and we now have solar-panelled streetlights. Hooray for environmentally-friendly inventions...BUT WHERE ARE DE BIKES MAN? Arhus knows how to do it.

I also skyped a lovely Belgium girl named Marieke yesterday.

Man, what in the world did our parents do when they said goodbye to people? Or our grandparents?? I really can not imagine sitting down and writing a letter to someone that will get to them at least 2 weeks after I write it. There's definitely something magical about the written word...but in the context of being separated by an ocean from a group of amazing individuals, I am SO thankful for the magic that is internet.

...and the magic that is cell phones!!!

Surely the next step has to be teleportation. In the next 100 years I do hope that I WILL be able to zap myself to my friends when I get a call from a faraway land.

Can't. Even. Wait.

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